The CCI primers that we carry in stock at CCI-Primers USA are expertly designed to deliver excellent performance, round after round. It’s well known that CCI primers ignite quickly and powerfully in a range of weather scenarios. The pickiest reloaders prefer CCI primers for shotshells, handgun rounds, and magnum rifle cartridges. Reloaders can benefit from clean, dependable ignition provided by CCI® primers. For firearms that produce off-center impacts, a larger sweet spot translates into more dependable ignition. Available in stock are CCI Small Rifle 5.56mm, CCI Small Pistol Primers #500, and CCI Primers #209 Shotshell.


CCI® standard primers are a tried-and-true performer that give home reloaders reliable results. CCI standard primers feed more easily in today’s progressive and automatic loading apparatus and are easier to seat than older-style primers. These non-corrosive, non-mercuric primers have a clean-burning initiator ingredient that leaves primer pockets cleaner for increased accuracy and a longer interval between cleanings. A wider “sweet spot” is also made possible by the design’s increased sensitivity, making it ideal for use with weapons that occasionally produce off-center hits.

Improved sensitivity for all firearms to fire more positively

Clean-burning for increased accuracy and more shots between cleanings; non-corrosive and non-mercuric

More comfortable to sit than primers of the past

Consistent feeding in loading apparatus that is progressive and automated

Design that is continuously tested